Simplicity . lightweight . Pure CSS

Flex UI is a neat CSS framework based on BEC method and CSS3 flexbox model.

Folders + Layers = file structure

Naming convention matters. Give layers and symbols a production-ready name.

Step 1. Pages & Blocks are named in UX design process.

Step 2. Elements are named in UI design process.

Step 3. Developers can reuse all layers, symbols name in their code.

Base . Elements . Common

Unlike the complex CSS methodologies, BEC is Simplified and designer-centric CSS method. It is designed for cross-team communication.

Base: Branding and every fundamental elements that could affect the whole design look and feel.

Element: In view of the uniqueness of elements, we need a category specified for HTML elements and components.

Common: Elements that also affect globally but less important than Base. Third-party libraries or helpers also belong to this category.

Demo . Sample Code

View framework demo and sample source code. Start design and coding in new way today.